IMM West Sumatra Best Cadre Appointed as General Treasurer of IMM DPP at 19th Congress


Padang - The Chairperson of the West Sumatra IMM DPD Ihya Rizqi congratulated the appointment of Rian Betra Delza as the General Treasurer of the IMM DPP at the 19th IMM congress in Kendari City, where the figure born in Pesisir Selatan was one of three strong candidates to become the General Chair of the IMM DPP.

Ihya Rizqi revealed to the media crew, Rian Betra Delza has been officially appointed as the General Treasurer of the IMM DPP at the 19th congress in Kendari city,

"Rian Betra Delza is an impetus for the enthusiasm of IMM cadres in West Sumatra to develop themselves and dare to compete in the national arena, in fact there are many IMM cadres in West Sumatra who are qualified and able to fight to offer their ideas at the national level for the benefit of the nation, especially in the Muhammadiyah Student Association.

"Of course we are very appreciative and proud, Rian Betra Delza's courage to fight for the DPP IMM captain is a decision that deserves appreciation, the enthusiasm and ideas brought by Rian Betra Delza are very promising for IMM in the future," (28/10/ 2021)

"Although Rian Betra Delza has not been appointed as the General Chairperson of IMM, the position of General Treasurer is an achievement spread by IMM W Sumatra cadres, who were born and proceeded at IMM W Sumatra for 57 years. become the candidate for the general chairman of the IMM DPP and the first cadre of West Sumatra to become the general treasurer of the IMM DPP," said the chairman of the West Sumatra IMM DPD.

"Of course this is an encouragement for us IMM cadres in West Sumatra, and hopefully at the next congress, we can prepare the best IMM cadres from West Sumatra to come up with ideas at the momentum of the congress to win the captaincy of the Muhammadiyah Student Association,

"In fact, West Sumatra IMM cadres are highly respected in the IMM arena throughout the archipelago with their characteristic thinking, and West Sumatra is one of the IMM spread bases at the national level, we will continue to strive at the next congress who will become the general chairman of the IMM DPP is a cadre from West Sumatra.

"Of course this can be realized, inseparable from the support of IMM West Sumatra seniors themselves, let's prepare for the revival of Minang youth in the national arena with one of them in the Muhammadiyah Student Association," closed Rizqi

(Fikri Haldi)


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